Generation System Protection

PROT600 is a comprehensive course of the design and methods used in protecting electrical power generation systems. This course incorporates traditional as well as modern techniques in power system relaying. Students will learn from live lectures from a practicing professional engineer with international experience. This course will discuss theory, exercises as well as practical applications.

About the Trainer

Ryan is a registered Professional Engineer in United States, Canada and the Philippines. He has over 16 years of working experience in industrial sectors, utility power and renewables. At present, he is a Senior Protection & Control Engineer working for one of United States leading power engineering firm. He is a member of the IEEE Power & Energy Society.

Event Information

  • Dates: TBD. Fill-up below Google Form to be notified.
  • Time: 6-11pm Philippine time
  • Last Day to Register: TBD
  • Total Course Duration: 40 hours
  • CPD: Self directed


Course Outline

  1. Power system faults
  2. Synchronous generator overview
  3. Generating station arrangements
  4. Generator grounding methods
  5. Generator fault calculations and exercises
  6. Stator phase fault protection – percentage differential, high-impedance differential, self-balancing differential
  7. Turn-to-turn fault protection
  8. Ground fault protection and exercises
  9. Thermal, current unbalance and motoring protection – 46 Negative sequence protection
  10. Loss-of-field (LOF) protection and exercises
  11. Overexcitation protection – 24 volts/hertz
  12. Over-voltage protection – 59
  13. Abnormal frequency protection – 81
  14. Out-of-step protection – 78
  15. Breaker failure protection
  16. Lecture notes and manual calculation exercises


Training Format

  1. Lecture via live online Zoom meeting using a combination of presentation and manual lecture in a Blackboard application
  2. Discussion of theories, practical applications, manual calculations
  3. Demonstrations via software (excel, ETAP or SKM)
  4. Correlation with actual projects design/experience of the trainer
  5. Participants receive Handout materials and uploaded lecture notes after every session

How to register

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    4. Pay the registration fee by the indicated due dates. Click Here for payment methods details (via bank deposit & G-Cash).
    5. Once payment is made, send us an email at with your payment details (transaction number, date, amount).
    6. We will send you Zoom meeting invites and handout materials a week before the start.
    7. Add your contact list to make sure you will receive notification and reminders.



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